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Kamchatka - Heliskiing

One of the most impressive heliski areas in the world.

Kamchatka, is a huge peninsula in the northeast of Russia and in terms of area larger than Germany. With only 300,000 inhabitants, it is very sparsely populated.

This breathtaking, natural landscape, traversed by mountain chains, rivers and lakes and with countless volcanoes up to 4000 meters high, which belong to the Pacific Ring of Fire, 30 of them are still actively waiting to be rocked by you.

Gysiere, grandiose coastal landscapes, skiing to the sea, ... all this awaits you on our trip to Asia.

In addition to powder turns and chilling in warm geothermal springs, with a little luck you will also see the king of Kamchatka, the brown bear, on our heliski excursions.

Heliskiing directly to the Beach
Heliskiing directly to the Beach

Heliski season:

Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy: from mid-March to the end of April

Tour description:

  • Helicopter MI-8: 8 flight hours per group - 12 guests per helicopter - 3 mountain guides - 4 guests per mountain guide
  • Special requests: private arrangements on request
  • Group size: at least 4 / maximum 12 people - Closed group desired - Small groups are always the key to success on expeditions and heliski trips
  • Language: German / English
  • Duration: 6 days of freeriding // 7 nights in a double room
  • Difficulty level: Level 3 - 4 & very good physical condition
  • Expedition leader: UIAGM mountain guide - Peter Bacher
  • Safety: We have a satellite phone with us for emergencies on our expeditions
  • HotelANTARIUS *** Kamchatka Guesthouse
  • Spa: outdoor geothermal pool + jacuzzi + Russian sauna
  • Wifi: internet
  • Meals: Half board breakfast + dinner - on the heliski days you will get a packed lunch from the hotel



The range of the helicopter is up to 150 km in radius. We can fly the southern volcanoes and mountain ranges of Kamchatka. The heliski area is roughly the size of Switzerland.
The range of the helicopter is up to 150 km in radius. We can fly the southern volcanoes and mountain ranges of Kamchatka. The heliski area is roughly the size of Switzerland.

Expedition profile

This wild volcanic landscape of fire and ice is a great playground for our heliski adventures. The proximity to the sea means that these mountains are extremely exposed to a wide variety of wind and weather conditions. Therefore, you have to cope with all types of snow on our slopes of up to 2000 meters in altitude.

The weather plays a big role in heli-skiing every day. After receiving the current wind, weather, snow and avalanche report in the morning, the helicopter crew and the heliguides decide which volcano or mountain destination to fly to.

Because of the long range of the MI 8 "Helicopter home", we have a huge selection of different dream destinations within a radius of 150 km.


The group can choose from 4 different heliski offers with different prices:


  • Fire & Ice Freeriding from the tops of active volcanoes to the Pacific coast

=> 8 helicopter hours with 12 passengers = price: € 6200.- / person - each additional hour of flight costs € 450.- per person (based on a group of 12 people)

The classic of our heliski Kamchatka tours. The high-performance MI 8 "Helicopter home" transports under 12 guests and 3 mountain guides. It is steered by 2 pilots. Thus, a maximum of safety of flight and guide technical kind is offered.


  • Wild East With this offer you have the option of either flying to the most active volcanoes of Kamchatka, the Kluchevskaya Group in the northeast of the peninsula, or a special kind of ski adventure at the end of the world on the southern tip of Kamchatka.

=> 10 helicopter hours with 12 passengers = prices: € 7500 .- / person - each additional hour of flight costs € 450.- per person (based on a group of 12 people)

On this adventure, the helicopter flies us to the southern tip of Kamchadka, Cap Lopatka. From there it goes across the Pacific to the Kuril Islands. On the volcanic island of Alaid in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk we can ski from 2300 meter high crater peaks to the sea.

With this great distance to the helibase, it may be that we need more flight hours. Up to 5 additional hours of flight may be necessary. This offer is only possible with the best flight weather.


  • Ride the highest vocans Our goal is to land on the highest volcanoes of Kamchatka and master the longest and steepest descents there. Only for level 4 freeriders.

=> 8 helicopter hours with 8 passengers = prices: € 8700 .- / person - each additional hour of flight costs € 700.- per person (based on a group of 8 people)

In spring with good firn snow it is possible for us to rock the steepest couloirs and surf the longest runs.


  • Private heliskiing This offer is aimed at closed private groups with private mountain guides and private helicopters. We would be happy to put together your individual heliski adventure for you.

Down Days

If the weather is too bad for flying and we therefore cannot SURF the volcanoes, we have the opportunity to go surfing. With "Snowwave Kamchatka" we can dry off the Pacific waves an hour away from Petropavlovsk.

SURF your Dreams

Snowwave - Kamchatka
Snowwave - Kamchatka

MI 8 Helicopter - one of the toughest, most powerful and most popular helicopters in the world



DAY 1:

Flight with a stopover in Moscow. Direct flight from Moscow in 8.5 hours to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski.


  • Moscow Transit: There are 2 Moscow airports. Depending on your flight schedule, you may need to switch terminals, which is time consuming. If you have to change airports, we strongly recommend that you allow at least 3 hours for your transfer from the airport to the airport.
  • Ski boots / snowboard boots + freeride clothing always belong in hand luggage, as it is almost impossible to get the right ski boot / snowboard boat at the destination if the pastries are delayed or the pastries are lost on the airline concerned.

After arriving at the airport, a transfer to the Hotel Antarius is organized for the entire heliski group.

The closest volcano, Vilyuchinski, is only 7 minutes away from the helicopter base. If the weather is fine on the day of arrival, we still have enough time available and the group is FIT enough after the long flight, we have the opportunity as WARM UP to rock this 2170 meter high mountain in the afternoon. So you passed the baptism of fire at the mountains of fire. Furthermore, on the first day we have a safety briefing on avalanche equipment, first aid and handling the helicopter.

If the group does not want to take off, they can spend the day comfortably in the SPA area of ​​the hotel and end the day with a welcome and safety briefing.

DAY 2-7:


  • 08.00 breakfast
  • 09:00 Weather report is checked
  • 09:15 Departure from the helibase



  • 17:00 return to the hotel
  • 20:00 dinner


DAY 8:

  • 8.00 breakfast
  • Transport back to the airport
  • flight home

Material check - packing lists for ski tours and heliski trips - visa - vaccinations and illnesses


  • You are not allowed to enter Russia without a current visa. You can apply for a visa by contacting the nearest Russian consulate. To apply for a visa, you need proof of your upcoming visit to Russia. A list of all Russian consulates and representations worldwide can be found at:

Illnesses, allergies, intolerances, vaccinations:

  • Health check, any diabetes, musculoskeletal complaints, intolerance, etc. must be reported to the tour operator when booking the trip.
  • All of our ROCK the WORLD expeditions require all vaccinations required in the respective country. A full Covid vaccination or Covid antibody immunity is mandatory.


Packing list for ski touring expeditions:

Extra cost

  • As soon as the assigned hours in your package have been used up, it is up to you whether you want to buy additional hours. The additional time will be charged at the end of your stay. The additional flight time is: in package 1: 450 € per person and hour (based on a group of 12 people) in package 2: 700 € per person and hour (based on a group of 8 people)
  • Round-trip flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski (we will be happy to help you with flight reservations)
  • If you arrive outside of the scheduled date, you will be billed for an individual transfer.
  • All activities that are not in the travel program
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Services (telephone, massages, laundry, ...)
  • Freeride equipment
  • Additional costs that arise outside of our specified travel plan
  • Travel insurance
  • Down days Snow Wave Kamschatka

Unused helicopter time

  • This package includes 8 hours of flight time. You get € 600 back per person for every hour not used due to bad weather conditions or technical problems with the helicopter.

Terms of Service

I have read the ROCKnSNOW General terms and conditions + travel conditions and accept them.

I take note of the standard information sheet for package travel contracts.



Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


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