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Paraboarding / Paraskiing

DIY Do it yourself "Heliskiing"


Paraboarding / Paraskiing it´s like Heliskiing, but with the paraglider and of course 100% ecologically.


We are WORLDWIDE the only ones to offer this NEW sport.

You will be able to fly with us in the Convoy with your own moutaineering paraglider in light weight ( total weight 7 kg), from a high starting point in the ski area eg.: Hintertuxer Glacier launch at 3250m, Rastkogel - launch at 2500m or from Penken - launch at 2100m.

=> From October to February in glidflight. 

=> From March to May we use the thermal winds. With the help of these currents we can reach a mountain of our choice over a distance flight.

The goal is a Freeride mountain which you have always already DREAMED.

At the top of the mountain or in a big couloir we land, pack the paraglider together and off we go to the ROCKnSNOW in the powder.

...after that we get ...

FIRST LINE - what else   ;-)

  • Requirements: Paragliding Licens B, Independent Paragliding ( launch, thermal flying + landing on snowfilds on top of a mountain or big couloirs has to be 100% safety mastered ) ONLY for well versed Paraglider pilots - on the independent flight assume ROCKnSNOW no liability!! + Freeride Level 3 or Level 4
  • AGB: The Paraboarding / Paraskiing AGB has to be read before a tour with ROCKnSNOW care and also to sign the AGB.
  •  Number of customers: 1-2 persons 
  • Equipment: Own mountaineering Paraglider + Harness with Airbag (maximum weight 7 kg )  Freeride-Ski: Between 100mm - 130mm below binding with front or double rocker + freeride skitouring binding and skins - Splitboard with skins // Freeride hire: Insider
  • Safety equipment: Rent avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel
  • Our Services: Routing (starting mountain + landing mountain) - Mountain guide (select the perfect and safest lines depending on snow conditions and avalanche risk) - paraglider flight in convoy - You will receive photos that your guide takes during the day directly on your mobile phone after the tour

DIY Heli- Boarding / Skiing - Next level Freeriding

DIY HELIBOARDING = a man + a splitboard + a plane - next level freeriding - Flight from Hintertuxer Gletscher to the summit of Frauenwandd

The flight route - on the left the start mountain & on the right the landing mountain
Start at 3250 m ...
... on the Hintertux Glacier ...
... by the Olperer ...
... over the Lärmstange ...
... to the landing mountain Frauenwand
On approach for landing ...
... and a perfect landing
The 2nd pilot landing
Landing place on the summit face of the Frauenwand
The overjoyed dudes
First line -> what else!

Paraboarding Torspitze

Start at the Rastkogel ski area at 2500m
1. thermal up to 3000 meters ...
... and gliding, to the untracked face
Powder- landing ...
... on the north side of the Torspitze
In the background the launch mountain
Untracked Pow Pow
First line - what else ;-))
Adventure deluxe

Paraboarding Arbiskopf

This tour starts at Penken. Thermal sites are on Penken and Schneekar
The long glide on the Höhenstrasse, there is another thermal to use
At the Arbiskopf, the large Platau landing site
A perfect paraboarding mountain with lots of freeride runs
Arbiskopf summit 2133 meters
Nice firn run on the Höhenstrasse
The road will split up to the Melchboden launch site, from where the second flight will take off
Thermaling up two more times at 3000 meters ...
... and then you take a cross-country flight home to the Tuxertal


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


If you are searching for your ultimate adventure in the Ziller Valley, that' what we here for. With ROCKnSNOW you are guaranteed to experience your Outdoor Highlight.

We are delighted you allow us to share with you your special experiences.

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Snow depth measurement at the left picture border

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