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Canyoning in the Zillertal

Splashing for advanced ;-)

This is pure adventure. Feel the vigour and power of water, go with the current through a natural canyon.

Jumping, sliding, abseiling, climbing, swimming and diving are the means of canyoning. I lead you through a beautiful gorge in the Ziller Valley.

Due to the hard gneiss stone of the upper Ziller Valley, magnificent and bizarre rock formations have been created. Experience the unique formation of nature along with adventure and adrenalin.

Hot shower - same, same but different

ROCKnSNOW offers canyoning tours exclusively in private groups!

Diffculty grades in the Ziller Valley:

> Level 2: Difficult, children from 16 years old - wild water schwimming - currents swim (fast), stream crossing with strong currents, jumps and slides up to 8 metres, several rock climbing passages + via ferrata and abseiling to 15 metres.

> Level 3: More difficult, challenging gorge, relatively harder then Level 2, good body and psycological fitness, independant and setting up of abseiling passages, good teamwork needed. Place: Hintertux Schraubenwasserfall (Marble canyon)

  • Description: Canyoning tour in one of the gorges of the upper Ziller Valley
  • Requirements: Not water shy,  good swimming is necessary - currents swim, rock climbing, strong conditions
  • Equipment: Towel, swimming costume, sport shoes that will get wet
  • Rent: Climbing and wild water equipment(abseiling harness, wet-suit, helmet and rope)
  • Our Services: Canyoning guide - free photographs to download - With your own USB- stick, you pick up your photos in orginal size, at the mountain guide office

Canyoning in the Zemm gorge - Level 2

The Zemm has everything for a beginner's canyon ...
... super nice pools ...
... clear ...
... emerald green water ...
... small and large stream balls ...
... Caves ...
... strong men ...
... a few abseiling spots ...
... dangerous whirlpools for giant ants ...
... foolhardy 8 meter jumps ...
... climbing bolder ...
... and many recurring splash pools

Canyoning - Level 3 - Schraubenwasserfall gorge - Hintertux

Many long zip lines and abseils characterize this imposing gorge
Circular pools ...
... surrounded by gneiss rock, the power of water has washed away the softer ribbon marble over millions of years
There are only 2 marble gorges in the Alps, one is in Hintertux. A hidden natural gem
The best time to visit this gorge is from mid-September to the end of October. Low water is mandatory, so this gorge may only be entered in autumn if the conditions are absolutely safe
The gorge is very difficult to see from above in the most beautiful places. At the screw case cave there is a foretaste of what awaits you down in the gorge


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


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