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Challenging tours with Ski or Splitboard

These tours are designed for our guests with good fitness level, that have already put a few metres of uphill touring behind them.

In principle with ROCKnSNOW you can tour every accessible and avalanche safe mountain.

We know wonderful, remote and rewarding tours, therefore we can offer you the following choices.

Perfect conditions at the famous Skitouring Mountain in Zillertal - The Ahorn

Touring-using the lifts

Hoher Riffler 3230m

From the Hintertux Glacier in approx. 2-3 hours to the peak, this mountain has a varying, long and demanding downhill. i.e.

Riffler -> Hintertux

Riffler -> Realspitze (1 1/2 hours uphill) -> Griererkar (incl. climbing passage)

Riffler -> Realspitze (1 1/2 hours uphill ) -> Höllensteinkar (incl. climbing passage + abseiling)

Riffler -> Zemmgrund


Ahorn Peak 2970m

From the Ahorn ski area in appox. 6 hours to the peak (incl. climbing passage and abseiling). Varying serious, steep and challenging downhill, 2400 m altitude difference to Mayrhofen. The most beautiful freeride pyramid in the Ziller Valley.

Only with  Freeride Level 4 accessible.

Classic Touring-without using the lifts

Torspitze 2660m

1060 m uphill altitude difference over the back of the mountain to the peak.  Different from middle steepness to steep downhill variations possible.

Junsjoch 2480m

1140 m uphill altitude difference, downhill (middle steepness) in the uphill track. 

Halslspitze 2570m

970 m uphill altitude difference, very spacious and flat downhill. 

Nestspitze 3000m

1660 m uphill altitude difference from Tux, crossing over to Ginzling with a  grandiose 2000 m altitude difference downhill.

Schwarzenstein 3370m

2120 m uphill altitude difference it is our longest tour. Only suitable for guests with top fitness level. Overnighting in the winter room of the  Winterraum der Berliner Hut posible. Traverse and downhill over the giant Floitenkees (glacier) to Ginzling.

Gabler 3260m

1840 m uphill altitude difference, downhill  (steep) = in the uphill track, the best skitour in Gerlos. As an option the imposing Sichelgrat can be climbed up to the peak.


  • Dates: Our freeride, ski & splitboard tours can be booked daily throughout the winter season from November to the end of April
  • Details: Meeting point is at 8.40 a.m. in the Insider Sportshop at the Rastkogelbahn in Vorderlanersbach / Tux or at 9.00 a.m. at the valley station of the Hintertux Glacier. We ride all day with or without a lunch break (please bring a drink and a snack). Powder end is around 4.00 p.m. or earlier if you get tired.
  • Qualifications:  Freeride Level 3, Level 4  or you have already attended a technique course with ROCKnSNOW
  • Equipment: Freeride-Ski: Between 100mm - 130mm below binding with front or double rocker + freeride skitouring binding and skins // Splitboard necessary // Freeride hire: see Insider
  • Safety equipment: Rent avalanche airbag, avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel
  • Our Services: Mountain guide (select the perfect and safest lines depending on snow conditions and avalanche risk) - Freeride run delux - You will receive photos that your guide takes during the day directly on your mobile phone after the tour

Hoher Riffler 3230 m - Hintertux

We ride from Gletscherbus 3 to Kleegrube at 2700 m. From this point we start skinning 500 m altitude difference till to the summit.

With 5 different downhill runs is the Hoher Riffler the most attractive high alpine Skitouring Mountain in Zillertal

After the "early bird" run on the Hintertux Glacier, the skinns on the skis are used for the ascent to the summit
Ski touring ghost ;-)
A long, flat traverse leads to the steep upswing on the Schwarzbrunnerkees
For the steeper passage up to the Rifflersattel some switchbacks are necessary
From there it is only a few meters to ...
... the summit Hohen Riffler 3230 m

Hoher Riffler -> Höllensteinkees -> Juns

The most beautiful and demanding ski tour from the Riffler -> Federbettkees -> Höllensteinkees (The big north face on the left in the picture)
1st descent, the Federbettkees to the 2nd ascent through the ...
... rock channel at the Realspitze (key point)
Immediately done! The 40 ° steep channel - in the background the Federbettkees
At Hauserkees, the rock climbing passage begins
The climbing traverse - with good tramping conditions without crampons
Abseiling into the Höllensteinkees
1600 vertical meters descent
The N-face with optimal powder snow in spring
The terrific Haberfeld Run
From powder snow to firn, with very safe avalanche conditions
At the end of the ski tour in Juns - spring can no longer be stopped

Hoher Riffler -> Griererkar -> Juns

From the Federbettkees 1 hour ascent to the Napfspitzenjoch left in the picture -> Griererkar -> Grieralm -> Juns
Below the steep key point from the Napfspitze
2nd variant - abseiling from the Schmittenberg ridge into the Griererkar
The Griererkar in its full potential - 1500 meters of altitude run
At the tree line to ...
... Grieralm

Hoher Riffler -> Schmittenkar -> Hintertux

Schmittenberg with Schmittenkar via Waldeben to Hintertux - 1730 meters in altitude
At the entrance to the Schmittenkar on the Rifflerscharte the Federbettkees in the background
The first meters in the direction of Schmittengrad
Entrance to a second variant in the direction of Griererkar with a 40 m abseil point
In the most beautiful part of this run
In the last part, the run leads through steep scrub towards Waldeben (key point)

Hoher Riffler -> Schwarzbrunnerkees -> Hintertux

From the summit you ride over the steep short Glacier of the Schwarzbrunnerkees into the Kleegrube. From there to the Sommerberg ski area or via Waldeben to Hintertux - 1730 meters in altitude
Schwarzbrunnerkees entrance
Past the avalanche cone in the direction of Kleegrube
At the bottom of the Kleegrube
Waldeben entrance
Through bushes in the direction of Kunerbach - at the end of the run is the key point

Ahornspitze 2970m (the royal Mountain above Mayrhofen)

From the Ahorn lift station you hike to the large basin over the Flizenköpfl, from there you go in a long left traverse to the foot of the Ahorn summit
First ascent to the Filzenköpfl
40 ° steep gully from Filzenköpfl to the second ascent
The long traverse, on the left the Edelhütte
This is the easiest of the 3 summit gullys. There are 2 ascent variants: trudge up this gully or over the right rocky ridge to the summit
When crossing the rock, key points are to be climbed in the 2nd degree of difficulty
Nice exposed climb
The faster option to the summit is via this channel
With 2200 meters of altitude one of the most spectacular and longest runs in the Zillertal
Sunset on the Ahorn
Huge slopes towards the Zillergrund
The last big slope on the Ahornach - from the Alm you go over forest roads and steep forest clearings into the Zillergrund

Gabler 3260 m (the longest and greatest Skitour in Gerlos)

The Gabler is one of the most impressive and longest ski tours in the Zillertal and the most beautiful in Gerlos
The steep face to the summit ascent
The Gabler with its sickle ridge is the "sharpest rock climb" in the Zillertal
Rock climbing level of 2-3
There are very beautiful blocks of gneiss to be overcome
The summit between his feet, the narrowest rock ridge in the Zillertal
One of the most beautiful runs in the Zillertal that you have earned 100% (the Reichenspitze can be seen in the background)
The seracs and crevasses at the mountain foot of the Reichenspitz
Here you can see the length of this ascent, the tour begins and ends at the small lake behind the Gerlosspeicher


Joe, Ronja, Peter, Birgit


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