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Tandem Paraglider Thermal flight

In thermal upwinds it is possible to circle with you in the airspace of the eagle.

In the summer, there are 2 different Upwind systems where we can fly up with the paraglider:

1. The thermals, which are air masses which flow by temperature difference, warm on cold, as in the fountain principle. At the base, which is the highest point of a thermal hose usually creates a cloud. In the case of thermal flying you always circle in the same direction to gain height. With very good thermals can be cranked on over 3000 meters.

2. Soaring, that is Horizontal wind which is deflected by a mountain upwards. In these winds, eights are flown to gain altitude. With this type of flying, you often have a large air mass, which flows calmly and steadily evenly upward.

Watch, ready, fire, go. This is our command at the food launch. We have to run together, the first few steps slowly and then get faster and faster until we no longer feel ground beneath our feet. AIRBOARN!! We sit together in our seats, so we can fly relaxed in the thermals. When turning up, the passenger has to help, you have do go with the pilot in the corners and the hand on the handle, to support the pilot a bit. So you are completely in the matter and get a better flightfeeling.

Passenger weight is from 20 kg -> 100 kg.  



  • Thermal flight on Penken
  • Thermal flight on high road Zillertal



  • Details: approx 30 - 40 minute or 1 hour flight time
  • Qualifications: Experience not neccessary. At the start you just have to run a few steps
  • Quantity: 1 Person 
  • Equipment:  Sturdy shoes
  • Our Services: Paraglider-pilot with over 20 years accident free tandem flying experience - tandem parachute - helmet - free photographs to download - With your own USB- stick, you pick up your photos in orginal size, at the mountain guide office

Thermal flight - above the mountains

[Translate to en:] Noch 300 Höhenmeter aufkurbeln ...
[Translate to en:] ... und man ist auf der Wolkenbasis ...
[Translate to en:] ... über den Berggipfeln hat man eine grandiose Aussicht über ganz Tirol
[Translate to en:] Am Top von der Thermik entsteht am Kondensationspunkt eine kleine Cumulus Wolke. Dies ist ein sehr guter Indikator für thermische Bewegung in der Luft. Somit ist die Aufwindsuche ungemein leichter. Auf diesem Bild sieht man sehr gut den dunklen Wald, wo sich die Luft erwärmt und über den weißen kalten Schneefeldern vom Boden Abreist und bis zur Wolkenbasis senkrecht nach oben fließt.
[Translate to en:] Die 2 dudes auf der Basis, jetzt wird in die Talmitte geflogen ...
[Translate to en:] ... und auf einmal hat man 2000 Meter Luft unterm Hintern


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


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