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Freeride Levels

You should have as much fun as possible, therefore it is absolutely necessary that you gage your ability correctly. Freeriding is much more demanding and exhausting then skiing/boarding on the piste. You should not overestimate. 

Guess your correct level, then you can really enjoy the powder.


Level 1: You can handle all pistes without problems and want to try powder ski/boarding for the first time.

Level 2: You have already skied/boarded in powder and want to learn more technique.

Level 3: You are familiar with off piste skiing/boarding but want to learn more control in all types of freeriding terrain.

Level 4: You can surf all slopes and make the perfect line. Steep passages do not bother you. Your expert vision is focused on getting the best from the mountains.

Freeride Level 1 - 20° to 35° steep - Spacious, flatt and medium steep Runs - less Obstacles

[Translate to en:] Runs ohne Hindernisse zwischen 20° und 35° steil
[Translate to en:] Das weiche Schwebegefühl kennenlernen
Das Surfen im Tiefschnee, ein endloser Hang im Tuxertal

Freeride Level 2 - to 39° steep - Runs with Obstacles, trees , bush, rock - Koridor riding

[Translate to en:] Abwechslungsreichere, steilere Pasagen
[Translate to en:] Ride good, or eat wood ;-)
[Translate to en:] Im lichten Wald müssen alle Schwünge sitzen

Freeride Level 3 - to 40° steep - Rocky terraine runs - Short difficult sections - Mastery all snowforms

[Translate to en:] Felsdurchsetzte Rinnen - Wangel Nord - bis zu 40°
[Translate to en:] Wechten rides :-)
[Translate to en:] Hier wird die perfekteste Line gerockt

Freeride Level 4 - about 45° steep - You can deal with all snow conditons and terrain forms - On difficult sections no fall zone

[Translate to en:] Seilunterstützter Trop Inn
Cliff Jump
[Translate to en:] Sehr steile Rinnen müssen ohne Fehler bewältigt werden


Peter, Ronja, Birgit, Joe


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