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Easy mountaineering: Ahornspitze - Friesenbergscharte

These 2 are our "lighter" high alpine one-day tours.

The Ahornspitze is the head mountain over Mayrhofen. This tour is from the Ahornbahn top station a out and return trip with a fascinating panorama and a rocky ridge terrain at the summit. Difficulty rock 1+

The Friesenbergscharte is a crossing through the Tuxer mountain ridge. Start is at the Tuxer Fernerhaus on the Hintertuxer Glacier. This tour goes through rocky terrain and scree slope towards the Friesenbergscharte. From the wind gap goes very steep downwarts through a rock and meadowspas to the Friesenberghaus. From the hut the hiking trail leads to the Schlegeis Stausee. Difficulty rock 1+

Stone men, the trail markings in the mountains

For both tours sufficient condition is necessary, because at the Ahornspitze we have to climb 1000 heights up and down and at the Friesenbergscharte 360 up and 1100 altimeters have to go down.

For a safe and stress-free ascent, is no fear of heights and safety in rocky terrain requirement.

For these tours you need only a light daily bag with sufficient liquid and snack.



  • Ahornspitze
  • Friesenbergscharte



  • Requirements: good conditionsure footed on scree slope and rocky terrain, not afraid of heights.
  • Equipment: Climbing clothes, water proof hiking boots, gaiters, sun cream and gloves.
  • Rent: Climbing equipment ( harness, ropes,...)
  • Our services: mountain guide - free photographs to download. With your own USB- stick, you pick up your photos in orginal size, at the mountain guide office



Ahornspitze 2973 meters

[Translate to en:] Am Eingang zum Hochgebirgs- Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen - Im Hintergrund die Ahornspitze
[Translate to en:] In morgendlicher Wolkenstimmung auf dem Weg zum Gratanstieg
[Translate to en:] Die versteinerte Welle
[Translate to en:] Im Blockgelände zum Gipfel
[Translate to en:] Am Nordgipfel - König der Berge
[Translate to en:] Auf dem Rückweg wird an der Edelhütte Pause gemacht

Friesenbergscharte 2910 meters - crossing through the Tuxer mountain ridge

[Translate to en:] Der letzte steile Nord- Aufschwung zur Scharte - im Hintergrund unser Startpunkt, das Tuxerfernerhaus
[Translate to en:] In der engen Felsspalte - Friesenbergscharte
[Translate to en:] An den steilen Süd Abrüchen ist Schwindelfreiheit + Trittsicherheit ein muss
[Translate to en:] Bitte Anklicken - Murmeltier Alarm ;-))
[Translate to en:] Friesenbergsee - Bergidyll delux in Tux
[Translate to en:] Ab der Friesenberghütte geht die Tour noch 2,5 Stunden bis zum Schlegeis Stausee


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


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