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Tandem Paragliding

Only flying is more beautiful

The dream of flying is as old as mankind itself... Moving like a bird over the  Zillertaler mountains and valleys is an unforgettable experience. Whether a good morning flight, or it's a thermal flight in the rising warm air, soaring on the wind or negotiating long or short distant flights - those that have tried it once want to to it again!

Fly with an experienced pilot from ROCKnSNOW from the highest starting place in the Ziller Valley. 

You can fly from the Penken, Zillertal High road  or Hintertuxer Glacier (highest take off place in Austria 3250 m ). 


Passenger weight is from 20 kg till 100 kg

We offer 5 various flights:

Tandem Paraglider Glid flight

Tandem Paraglider Thermal flight

Tandem Paraglider Glacier flight

Tandem Paraglider Cross Country flight

Tandem Paraglider flight with Kids

Tandem Paraglider flight from Penken to Mayrhofen


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


If you are searching for your ultimate adventure in the Ziller Valley, that' what we here for. With ROCKnSNOW you are guaranteed to experience your Outdoor Highlight.

We are delighted you allow us to share with you your special experiences.

Safety is our number one priority. more >


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