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The land of the eternal blue skies, as Mongolia is also called. In this we realize a very special horse riding and paragliding expedition.

Cloud streets Mongolia - many "flight possibilities" in the sky, hardly any on earth ;-)

Tour date:

Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia: July 2 to July 16, 2024

Tour description

  • Group size: at least 4 / maximum 6 people - Small groups are always the key to success on expeditions
  • Language: German / English
  • Duration: 15 days Difficulty level: Riding: Level 3 = saddle-firm in the 3 basic gaits, you can spread your arms while galloping without feeling unsafe - you have already ridden for several hours // Paragliding: B- certificate or overland authorization - Independent paragliding (backward start, Thermal flying, soaring, take-off and landing in strong winds must be 100% safe) ONLY for EXPERIENCED paragliding pilots
  • Expedition leader: UIAGM mountain guide - Peter Bacher
  • Safety: We have a satellite phone with us for emergencies on our expeditions
  • Expedition vehicles: UAZ 452, 8 seater 4WD off-road bus - Toyota Land Crusier, 4 seater 4WD off-road vehicle
  • Accommodation: Ger camps = yurts
  • Spa: Hot geothermal springs in the Changai Mountains
  • Food: Typical Mongolian meat and milk-heavy dishes



Mongolia, 4 1/2 times the size of Germany, is the most sparsely populated state in the world with 3 million inhabitants. The country is home to more horses than people.

The goals of the Pegasus Expedition are Inner Mongolia and the Gorchi Tereldsch National Park near Ulaanbaatar

Expedition profile

We would like to offer you an adventure trip of a livetime. Our flight and riding experiences are in the foreground this time. That is why we limit ourselves to Inner Mongolia in this huge highland, which is around 1400 meters above sea level.

Therefore, the road trip will only be the means to an end. With approx. 1000 km driving distance back and forth to our "playgrounds" of the steppe, mountain and hill landscape of the Changai Mountains and the Gorchi Tereldsch National Park.

We set up our base camp near Karakorum, the ancient Mongol capital of Genghis Khan.

From there we ride and fly along the Orkhon River.

The cultural offer must not be neglected on our trip, which is why the two-day Naadam Festival is the highlight.

Karakorum - Kharkhorin

Once the center of the largest empire in the world in terms of area

Expedition vehicles - UAZ 452 - the Russian Bulli


Flying in the realm of the steppe eagle


1 day:

Flight with Aeroflot via Moscow or with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. From Ulaanbaatar airport we will be taken by taxi to the hotel Nine Ulaanbaatar in the center.

Upon arrival we have the option of a city tour, a visit to the National Museum of Mongolia or, if the flight was too exhausting, just chill out in the hotel.


2 day

After breakfast our driver picks us up from the hotel. We leave the hectic city towards the west. The journey to Kharkhorin takes about 5 hours.

Red sky, greetings from the Gobi desert

Our home on this expedition: Ger or yurt camps


Next door to the old mansion of Genghis Khan, we check into a ger camp. If the wind is good for soaring in the afternoon, we can spread our wings for the first time on the nearby hill.

3rd day

On this day we inquire about the area, unless there are great flight conditions, then we start our adventure immediately.


4th + 5th + 6th + 7th + 8th + 9th day

During these days we will carry out the riding and flight excursions depending on the prevailing conditions.

Depending on the flight weather, we decide whether we want to make the journey along the Orkhon River in the south-west via a cross-country flight or, if the wind is not favorable, ride the horses up the river.

The plan would be to spend our days with an escort vehicle paragliding or riding following the course of the river.

10th day:

Should the land darken under the blue sky, we have the hot and healing thermal springs on offer as a bad weather program.


11th + 12th day

NAADAM - the national festival of the Mongols: Well then let's go to a party ;-))


13th day

We drive back towards Terenj, this village is located in the Gorchi Tereldsch National Park. On the way there we pass the Genghis Khan statue.

14th day

We spend the last day of this incredible journey with the Bolders in the National Park.

15th day

Today we start our journey home, with a lot of successful and breathtaking adventures in mind.

The Pegasus Expedition will certainly remain in unforgettable memories.

With a clear view of the falling stars - Mongolia skyline

Material check - packing lists for paragliders and hike & fly trips - visa - vaccinations and illnesses


  • You are not allowed to enter Mongolia without a current visa. You can apply for a visa by contacting the nearest Mongolian consulate. To apply for a visa, you need proof of your upcoming visit to Mongolia.

Illnesses, allergies, intolerances, vaccinations:

  • Health check, any diabetes, musculoskeletal complaints, intolerance, etc. must be reported to the tour operator when booking the trip.
  • On all of our ROCK the WORLD expeditions, all vaccinations required in the respective country are required. A full Covid vaccination or Covid antibody immunity is mandatory.

Packing list for the Pegasus Expedition:

Extra cost

  • Round-trip flight to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
  • All activities that are not in the travel program
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Services (telephone, internet, laundry)
  • Paragliding equipment
  • Additional costs that arise outside of our specified travel plan
  • Travel insurance

Terms of Service

I have read the ROCKnSNOW General terms and conditions + travel conditions and accept them.

I take note of the standard information sheet for package travel contracts.


Joe, Ronja, Peter, Birgit


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