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Freeride delux in Tux - the famous Runs in Zillertal

Your mountain guide from ROCKnSNOW will surf on the best freeride slopes that the Ziller Valley has to offer!

My father rockt this magic face with 73 years

Our guides can sniff out the best routes, regardless of weather or snow conditions there are always different places to explore.

We also have runs from over 2000 m altitude that penetrate into lonely areas of the Ziller Valley.


  • Dates: Our freeride, ski & splitboard tours can be booked daily throughout the winter season from November to the end of April
  • Details: Meeting point is at 8.40 a.m. in the Insider Sportshop at the Rastkogelbahn in Vorderlanersbach / Tux or at 9.00 a.m. at the valley station of the Hintertux Glacier. We ride all day with or without a lunch break (please bring a drink and a snack). Powder end is around 4.00 p.m. or earlier if you get tired.
  • Qualifications:  Freeride Level 2, Level 3, Level 4  or you have already attended a technique course with ROCKnSNOW
  • Equipment: Freeride-Ski: Between 100mm - 130mm below binding with front or double rocker + freeride skitouring binding and skins // Freeride Snowboard, the best alternative is a splitboard // Freeride hire: see Insider
  • Safety equipment: Rent avalanche airbag, avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel
  • Our Services: Mountain guide (select the perfect and safest lines depending on snow conditions and avalanche risk) - Freeride run delux - You will receive photos that your guide takes during the day directly on your mobile phone after the tour

The magic Schmirn run

the longest Freeride- runs in Zillertal - Backcountry deluxe

Wildlahnerscharte -> Valsertal - 1910 altitude difference

Entrance to Wildlahnerscharte 3220m - at the Olperer Lift mountain station
After the first crossing you have a great view of the Fußstein
First slope below the hanging glacier
First line on the Olpererferner
A short ascent to the fattest slope on the Olper massif
The second slope in the direction of Valsertal - a huge 4 square km snow face
The second slope in the direction of Valsertal - a huge 4 square km snow face
Looking back - under the huge powder slopes you can see the steep, rock-interspersed part of the forest - the key point of the run
Back to the past - the first settlements at the end of the run are 500 years old - the original Tyrol

Großer Kaserer -> Höllscharte -> Schmirn - 1740 meter altitude difference

At the entrance from the Höllscharte into the Wildlahnertal
In the background the first slope, approx. 36 ° steep
Characteristic for this run are its endless natural half pipes
You can let off steam on the hills and gullies
ROCKnSNOW Run first class
Cornice surf in powder
In the background the Olperer with its hanging glaciers.
In the background our mega descent, as an eavesdropping there is a billow run in the larch forest
At the end of the run in Schmirn - from there we take a taxi back to the Zillertal in about 2 hours

Kleiner Kaserer -> Kasererflanke -> Kasern - 1480 meter altitude difference

Kaserer Flanke - Certainly one of the most spectacular freerider runs in Tyrol - The whole face can be seen on the left at the back - Only suitable for level 4 riders and only feasible at avalanche level 1
The ascent to the summit takes place over a rock grade of difficulty 2
At the beginning of the run, the first moral key point has to be mastered. On the left it goes 200 m straight down
The first meters in powder
The summit face is also feasible if there is enough snow and the safest conditions - it is 45 °
A view of the flat Cruser valley as far as Kasern
Powder on the shark's teeth
On the lower part there is also a slope with many rock breaks to master
The whole face - 1400 meters altidude difference of pure adrenaline

Schlegeis - Friesenbergkar -> Breitlahner - 2000 meter altitude difference

The most impressive Trop Inn in the Zillertal - very good to see from Gletscherbus 3
You have to walk for 30 minutes to start the run
When sawing off the overhanging cornices
Sometimes you can drop in via jump, otherwise you have to abseil - in the background the glacier bus 3
On this run you always have first line, unless a mountain guide from ROCKnSNOW has maidened him the day before
Endless slopes on the Friesenbergface
One of the best backcountry surfers in the Zillertal
At the lower part of the powder run, just before the road, there is another key point for mountain pines - if you take a wrong turn you end up over a 100m high rock break
You drive 7 km on Schlegeis road 69 to the first settlement - Breitlahner - from there the taxi picks us up

Schlegeis, "straight line" to the lake -> Olpererhütte -> Breitlahner - 2000 meter altitude difference

Entrance to Olperer, to the right of the Schlegeis lift
Sometimes the snow quality is better here because there are more eastern slopes to surf. In the middle of winter, there is no sun-related crust on eastern slopes
Characteristic for this run are slopes between ledges
In the middle part - the snow at the reservoir has been swept away from the surface of the ice
Perfect powder on the eastern faces
In the lower part - there are many pine pillows here
The 1 km long cross-country route to the dam
At the Schlegeis Run you walk through a couple of tunnels, but without oncoming traffic
A taxi takes you through the Zemm Gorge, a climbing paradise for professionals - definitely ROCKnSNOW ;-)

Schlegeis wall - shred the biggest corner in the world

130 m high and 725 m wide
Trop in, dude!
Ride ...
... this magic ...
... WALL
From here we ROCK the 7 km long road 69 to Breitlahner

Around the Wanglspitze - Skiarea Zillertal 3000 - Runs to 1200 meter altitude difference

Wangl Nord Face - 12 challenging runs in 40 ° steep terrain - On the right side you can powder more flat - the 150 Tux needs 4 minutes for 700 meters of altitude
Perfect conditions - avalanche-proof - undeterred
In the middle part of this channel
Wangl Süd Face - This mountain has 2 different faces - ideal for freeriding - 1200 meters in altitude
After the first slope - what more could you want
Powder in the 1 1/2 meter high master root flower sea
There are countless other lines in the freeride Eldorado around Mayrhofen
The Russian powder dream in the Zillertal
Follow the ideal line


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


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Snow depth measurement at the left picture border

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