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Tandem Paraglider flight from Hintertuxer Gletscher

On the Hintertuxer Gletscher is the highest Paraglider take off place in Austria, on 3250 meter.

If we have ideal wind conditions in fact 0 high wind or light breeze from North-West we can start at the Gletscherbus 3. At light North wind we have a take off place on 3000 meters as well.

Because of the exosed location and the great hight next to the high mountain range is a flight not always working. You need a bit of weather luck in your holidays, then its possible to make this magic flight safely.

With favorable wind conditions, it is a dream to glid over glacier ice.

Because of the thin air on over 3000 meters it is recommended ( also in summer) to launch with skis. With special snowblades from us you can tighten the bindings on your mountain boots.


> For safety and convenience we renenwed 2016 our hole flying equipment. 

Passenger weight is from 20 kg -> 100 kg. 



  • Tandem Paraglider flight from the Hintertuxer glacier



  • Details: approx 1/2 hour flight time
  • Qualifications: Experience not neccessary. At the start you just have to run a few steps or in winter you can use your skis.
  • Quantity: 1 Person 
  • Equipment:  Sturdy shoes/boots or skis
  • Our Services: Paraglider-pilot with over 20 years accident free tandem flying experience - tandem parachute - helmet - free photographs to download - With your own USB- stick, you pick up your photos in orginal size, at the mountain guide office



Flight from the Hintertuxer Gletscher - Take off place at the highest paraglider launch in Austria 3250 meter

[Translate to en:] Am Startplatz auf 3250 Meter bei perfekten Gletscher Wetter
[Translate to en:] Kurz nach dem Start wird über die Skipiste ...
[Translate to en:] ... nach Nord-Westen geflogen
[Translate to en:] Hier sieht man unseren Startplatz ganz oben beim Gletscherbus 3
[Translate to en:] Unter uns die Gletscherspalten
[Translate to en:] Bei diesen Flug sieht man über ganz Tirol
[Translate to en:] Übern Tuxerjoch, hier gibt es Vormittag die erste Thermik
[Translate to en:] Wir können entweder neben der Talstation vom Hintertuxer Gletscher landen oder ...
[Translate to en:] ... in Juns vor dem ROCKnSNOW Haus


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


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