DIY Heli- Boarding / Skiing - Next level Freeriding

Hike & Fly - Moments of Joy


The dream of flying is as old as mankind itself... Moving like a bird over the Zillertaler mountains and valleys is an unforgettable experience. Runnig away from the Earth, airborn, being in a boundless playground, this is PARAGLIDING.

With ROCKnSNOW you will jump in a unforgettable Adventure.

We offer for non pilots and for pilots differnt Flying Adventures:

Newcomers can go with us Tandem Paragliding and for advanced Paraglider Pilots we make 2 Para Guidings.



Fly with us in the next dimension

Paraboarding / Paraskiing

DIY Heli Skiing - next level Freeriding




Paraglid- Guiding

Early Bird - Fly 2 Ski

We fly with you from one Skiarea in Zillertal to the next Skiarea



Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


If you are searching for your ultimate adventure in the Ziller Valley, that' what we here for. With ROCKnSNOW you are guaranteed to experience your Outdoor Highlight.

We are delighted you allow us to share with you your special experiences.

Safety is our number one priority. more >


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