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A beautiful day, fresh snow off piste, untracked runs, Freeride - absolute bliss! 

These conditions makes a Powderheart beat harder. With professional guides from ROCKnSNOW you'll surf safer on the best off-piste runs. Of course apart from the fun factor, safety knowledge should be at the top of the list.

... Avalanche !!!

Your mountain guide shows you the various dangers in off-piste. This pratical instruction on the mountain teaches you to realise the dangers.

Through different factors, i.e. avalanche reports, wind, weather conditions, off-piste formations you gain more saftey know how.

Before every Freerideday we make an avalanche search training with avalanche pieps.

  • Dates: Our freeride, ski & splitboard tours can be booked daily throughout the winter season from November to the end of April
  • Details: Meeting point is at 8.40 a.m. in the Insider Sportshop at the Rastkogelbahn in Vorderlanersbach / Tux or at 9.00 a.m. at the valley station of the Hintertux Glacier. We ride all day with or without a lunch break (please bring a drink and a snack). Powder end is around 4.00 p.m. or earlier if you get tired.
  • Qualifications:  Freeride Level 2, Level 3, Level 4  or you have already attended a technique course with ROCKnSNOW
  • Equipment: Freeride-Ski: Between 100mm - 130mm below binding with front or double rocker + freeride skitouring binding and skins // Freeride Snowboard, the best alternative is a splitboard // Freeride hire: see Insider
  • Safety equipment: Rent avalanche airbag, avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel
  • Our Services: Mountain guide (select the perfect and safest lines depending on snow conditions and avalanche risk) - Alpine safety training - You will receive photos that your guide takes during the day directly on your mobile phone after the tour

Avalanche Safety Training for Freeriders - Zillertal - Tirol

A jackdaw with a body weight of only 250 grams steps off these cornices. This bird probably also wondered how dangerous it is for avalanches today because it turned around again. Birds can fly away, humans cannot!
Fresh slab - on leeward slopes, tensions build up in the snow cover due to the influence of wind - dangerous drifting snow
Pieps search and probing
Practice probing, via probing chain - where is the snowboard buried?
Snow profile - This is made in order to be able to read weak layers out of the snow block
Then a slip block test is made, it should agree with the snow profile result
Practice avalanche - In this task, the rider can try to release the slab on a safe slope
You have passed the task if you cut off the slab but are not carried away
Targeted hitting of the hot spot can break the ton-heavy cornice

Avalanches on famous Freerideruns at the Hintertuxer Glacier

Snow slab avalanche below the mountain station of the Schlegeis lift - an inconspicuous slope that radiates a deceptive security due to the proximity of the lift and the restaurant - the rider was buried up to the shoulders
Dangerous avalanches at the Schlegeis lift - Hintertux Glacier. This channel was blown in by a strong wind from the south. The 2 riders did not recognize this danger, they survived! The photo shows dunes and waves in the snow. A clear sign of danger!
Snow slap at the Schlegeis lift. The rider with the second lane from the right triggered this avalanche remotely. If you take a closer look you can see that the rider made a cliff jump and the landing was on the edge of the small wind colch below the stone. The hotspot that triggered the avalanche was hidden there. The avalanche went off next to him. He was very lucky!
Huge slab of snow on the Kaserer - this avalanche with a tear of one meter was triggered by an avalanche explosion ...
... the same on the "Mountain Lärmstange", here the wall foot has been triggered ...
... the largest clods are the same size as a car
This huge avalanche in the Kleegrube came off by itself, it penetrated very far into the flat
A slope can only be ride if it is avalanche safe and without tension. On this run, the avalanche already went off. That's why we were able to drive in. You can see 2 older tracks to the left of the avalanche. These 2 riders were only lucky because the slab didn't come off until later. Conclusion: never trust other lines, otherwise you will be playing Russian roulette
The year before, one and the same slope was triggered by jumping into the cornice. The rider was very lucky, he was able to escape white death over a small hill where the jump can be seen. Even such a small slab of snow can be fatal as the freerider was on his own

Alpine disorientation

Freeride technical super disaster - 3 people at the same time in a snow-covered rock face, the last one throwing a slab of snow - all 3 got away with the horror
At the end of this extreme line they had to drop this cliff - following lines can be deadly !!!
At this point daredevils are repeatedly rescued from the rock face with the rope


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


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Snow depth measurement at the left picture border

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