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Freeride beginner / Techniques in powder snow

Surfing in powder snow, away from the crowded piste,  is a superb winter sport experience.

Find your new passion in the snow!

Ride your line!

> Learning target at ROCKnSNOW technique courses:

  • Correct powder technique learn how to surf
  • Freeride tactic
  • Your own freeride style
  • Learn how to read the snow quality
  • Lines check - how to read the line and after then ride it


In intensive training courses we will show you the correct method to achieve your powder success faster to give you more fun while skiing/boarding.  


  • Details: Starting point at 8.45 by the designated lift. We ski/board the whole day with a short lunchbreak and continue for as long as our legs carry us!

  • Equipment: Freeride-Ski: Between 100mm - 130mm below binding with front or double rocker + freeride skitouring binding and skins // Freeride Snowboard, the best alternative is a splitboard // Freeride hire: see Insider

  • Safety equipment: Rent avalanche airbag, avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel
  • Our Services: Mountain guide (select the perfect and safest lines depending on snow conditions and avalanche risk) - Technique Tuition - Photographs to download. With your own USB- stick, you pick up your photos in orginal size, at the mountain guide office


Freeride Level 1 - Zillertal 3000

Techniques in powder snow - Learn how to Freeride in Zillertal

Yes you can! Surfing the mountain in powder is definitely the highlight of every winter sports enthusiast
With the extra-wide rocker skis, it has become much easier to ski with 2 skies in deep snow. The negative tension of the freeride skier prevents diving. With an excess width of 100mm -130mm under the binding, the skis surf incredibly easily.
The snowboard has always been the powder instrument. I was surfing the powder with my board 40 years ago. The hardest thing for snowboarders to start with is getting up in deep snow. But with the right technology it is no longer a problem. As soon as you flote up, it is 100 times easier than on the icy artificial snow slopes.
Beginner slopes for freeriders are between 15 ° and 35 ° steep. The slopes should be as wide as possible and free of obstacles
Powder snow between 10 cm and 20 cm deep is the best conditions for beginners
With such huge deep snow slopes you are sure to get a powder addicted
Shortly before the impact in the powder snow
Freeriding on the Hintertux Glacier
The sun always rises when powdering


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


If you are searching for your ultimate adventure in the Ziller Valley, that' what we here for. With ROCKnSNOW you are guaranteed to experience your Outdoor Highlight.

We are delighted you allow us to share with you your special experiences.

Safety is our number one priority. more >


Snow depth measurement at the left picture border

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