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Expedition packing lists

In exposed areas of the world, functional, practical and lightweight equipment is NECESSARY for SURVIVAL.

Therefore, your personal equipment must be perfectly adapted to all prevailing conditions.

Material check ;-)
Material check ;-)

Your equipment MUST fit

With our ROCK "around" the WORLD trips you have to reckon with all climatological extremes.

From tropical +30 degrees to arctic -25 degrees and stormy winds. Be aware of this situation.

In our clothing listings, we follow the tried and tested onion skin principle, which offers the best transport of sweat with merino wool as a base layer.

Don't skimp on your equipment, it can be the key to your adventure happiness.

Must Haves

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Travel insurance card + emergency number
  • Enough cash + credit cards
  • Mobile phone
  • Photo or GoPro equipment

Travel bags

  • Ski bag for flying
  • Large travel bag, preferably a waterproof duffle bag - no suitcase
  • Waterproof daypack with hand luggage - dimensions 55cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, please put ski boots or snowboard boots in hand luggage

For small baked goods

  • Sanitary bags
  • Travel pharmacy
  • First aid box
  • Hansaplast plaster + blister plaster
  • ThermaCare heat transfer
  • Rescue blanket + bivouac sack
  • Waterproof 2 liter bag
  • 2 zip plastic bags
  • Cotton handkerchiefs
  • Tweezers, pin
  • Swiss knife or Leaderman
  • Sun cream + lip protection
  • Earplugs
  • Headlamp with new batteries
  • Emergency repair kit + Gore Tex repair kit
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Other hygiene items


  • Down sleeping bag down to -20 degrees
  • Hut sleeping bag made of silk
  • Inflatable sleeping mat

Eat / Drink

  • 1 liter thermos bottle or Camelback
  • Sufficient power bars, protein bars, trail mix, dextrose
  • Magnesium tablets

Ski & Splitboard Equipment

  • Avalanche airbag backpack: When traveling by air, a release unit without a pyrotechnic handle is recommended. The cartridge must be separated from the filling system, i.e. unscrewed
  • Touring skis (from 100 mm width under the binding)
  • Functional pin binding, better a combination between pin and frame binding
  • Splitboard with Spark binding system
  • Good adhesive skin for skis or snowboards
  • Crampons
  • 2 ski fix straps
  • Ski poles with large plates and wrapped tissue tape
  • Probe
  • Avalanche shovel combination with ice ax attachment
  • Avalanche transceiver with new batteries
  • Ski helmet
  • Ski goggles
  • Wind and radiation proof sunglasses

Alpine and glacier equipment

  • Light crampons that fit on ski boots or snowboard boots
  • Light mountaineering harness
  • 1 webbing loop 120 cm
  • 6 light screw carabiners + 1 ball lock carabiner
  • 2 tiblocs
  • 1 Micro Traxion
  • 6 mm static rope 20 to 30 meters long + rope bag


  • Ski boots or snowboard boots (please put in your hand luggage!)
  • Crampon-compatible mountaineering boots
  • Warm, waterproof Seaboot boots on our Arctic boat tours
  • Tracking shoes with Vibram sole on our paragliding trips
  • Flip flops
  • Warm socks for the motorhome

Functional clothing

  • 4 merino functional underwear
  • 1 long functional merino underpants
  • 1 thermal shorts as underpants with side zippers
  • 1 merino long shirt and
  • 1 marino t-shirt
  • 2 pairs of merino ski socks 1 x thin, 1 x thick
  • 1 pair of functional socks
  • 1 Windstopper kidney belt
  • 1 swimming trunks
  • 1 comfortable, warm Windstopper touring pants
  • 1 thin Primaloft or Windstopper jacket with hood
  • 1 warm down jacket with hood
  • 1 3-layer Goretex bib ski pants
  • 1 3-layer Goretex ski jacket with a hood that goes over the helmet
  • 1 warm, long gloves
  • 1 thin leather gloves
  • 1 warm hat with ear flaps
  • 1 ROCKnSNOW buff

Ocean sailing clothing - optional

  • Offshore sailing jacket
  • Offshore sailing dungarees

Water equipment

  • Neoprene full suit surf suit 3 mm
  • Neoprene socks
  • Half-height neoprene boots with robust, soft sea urchin resistant sole
  • Diving goggles, with eyeglass wearers with ground optics
  • Canyoning shoes for our canyoning tours

Paragliding equipment

All paragliding equipment must be subjected to the statutory checks and must be insured!

  • Mountaineering Paraglider max 3 kg
  • Light mountaineering seat or harness with airbag or foam protector
  • Rescue parachute 1 kg
  • Variometer
  • Flight helmet
  • Dust- and waterproof overpack sack, Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack 120 liters for our Pegasus expedition to Mongolia

Medical form for Antarkis expeditions



Even though there are hospital facilities in major cities in Patagonia in general there are no sophisticated medical facilities available in the southern Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn areas, as well as in the Antarctic. If there are any facilities at all, most count with basic staffing, equipment, and infrastructure. This expedition is intended for persons in reasonably good health. Passengers, who are not fit for long trips for any reason, including disability, heart or other health condition, are advised not to join the tour, which would entail an unreasonable risk to your health and to the enjoyment of all participants aboard. Should any such condition become apparent, we reserve the right to decline to accept or retain you or any other participant at any time during the trip.

In addition, you are advised to carry your own regular medications, which will not be available aboard. Participants are further advised that medical evacuation, if available, is expensive and that we strongly recommend that you have medical insurance that will reimburse you for this cost.

Part I: Personal Information

  • Full Name:
  • Passport Numbe:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Nationality:
  • Address:
  • Contact Person in Case of Emergency:
  • Relationship to You:
  • Phone Number of Contact Person:
  • E-mail address of Contact Person:

Part II: Health Statement

I attest that I am in good general health, and capable of performing normal activities on this expedition. I further attest that I am capable of caring for myself during the expedition, and that I will not impede the progress of the expedition or the enjoyment of others aboard. I understand that this expedition will take me far from the nearest medical facility and that all expedition members must be self-sufficient. With that understanding, I certify that I have not been recently treated for, nor am I aware of, any physical or other condition or disability that would create a hazard to myself or other members of the expedition.


  • Name:
  • Date:
  • Signature:
  • Expedition:
  • Code:

Part II: Medical Information

  • Blood type:
  • Height:
  • Weight:


Evaluate your general health:  

□ Fair                           □ Good                □ Excellent


Evaluate your physical condition/stamina:

□ Fair                           □ Good                □ Excellent


1. Do you have any medical illnesses, disabilities or infirmities that have required the regular care of a doctor?

2. List all medications that you are taking at this time and the dosages

3. Have you been hospitalized or had surgery in the last five years? If so, when and what for?

4. Do you have any heart or respiratory problems?

5. Are you a diabetic? Please elaborate.

6. Do you have any dietary restrictions?

7. Do you have any food or drug allergies? If so, what are they?

8. Do you have any physical or mental limitations, handicaps or prosthesis?

9. Are you pregnant? How many months are you?

Part III: Insurance Information

  • Have you taken out medical insurance?       □ Yes                  □ No
  • Please write down your insurance Company Name
  • Please write down your Insurance Policy Number
  • Please write down your insurance’s emergency contact phone number.


Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja
Birgit, Joe, Peter, Ronja


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