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Rock climbing courses in Zillertal

We take you to one of the most imposing climbing areas of the Alps, the "Ewige Jagdgründe" (Eternal Hunting Ground

This impressive scenic area with the 50 m high gneiss solitary towers, is the centre of the climbing scene in the Ziller Valley.

Here you will be guaranteed to find your own personal challenges.

Whether a beginner or professional, with your guide from ROCKnSNOW, you will accomplishone of your best routes.

With over 130 tourssafe from rock falls, no chance of being bored.

Playing on the vertical face is surely one of the sports where body and soul blend together.

A sport climbing cours include:

  • Climbing techniques: Kicking and climbing, frontal climbing, twist your body technic, lead climbing
  • Climbing exercises: Different training courses to learn the right foot technique
  • Correct way of handling the ropes: belay, abseiling, belay station, knots, etc.
  • Dismantle the route: with france metode
  • Partner check: Trust is good, control is better
  • Multi pich tour: To the summit of the "chief"


Around the area of Ginzling we can offer our experienced climbers routes from grade 6, superb mutiple routes up to and over 300 m high rock faces.


  • Description: The climbing courses last the whole day, from 09.00 AM 
  • Requirements: Motivation
  • Equipment: comfortable sports clothing, (trousers to cover the knee)
  • Rent: Climbing equipment (rock climbing shoes, harness, rope,...)
  • Our services: Mountain guide, free photographs to download - With your own USB- stick, you pick up your photos in orginal size, at the mountain guide office



Climbing area "Ewige Jagdgründe" (Eternal Hunting Ground)

Every solitary towers has its own character and a name: Chief, Wig and Wam, Guardian, Last Unicorn


[Translate to en:] Häuptling N - Seite
[Translate to en:] Häuptling S - Seite
[Translate to en:] Häuptling + Wächter

Wig und Wam

[Translate to en:] Wig und Wam Süd - Seite
[Translate to en:] Wig und Wam West - Seite
[Translate to en:] Wig und Wam Ost - Seite


[Translate to en:] Auf Messers Schneide
[Translate to en:] Wächter N - Seite
[Translate to en:] Wächter O -Seite

Das letzte Einhorn

[Translate to en:] Der kleinste Gneisblock ...
[Translate to en:] ...aber mit sehr schönen kurzen ...
[Translate to en:] ... abwechslungsreichen Routen

Exercise row on light, sloping plates followed mutiple routes to the top of the chief

[Translate to en:] An der 1. Seillänge wird "Trittschulung", usw. geübt und sobald man fit genug ist...
[Translate to en:] ... kann die 2. Seillänge erfolgreich geklettert werden ...
[Translate to en:] ... und oben am Häuptling erwartet dem strammen Klettermaxi ein "Gipfelbussi"

Gullies climb on Wig & Wam

[Translate to en:] Von der Beach aus wird eine 35 m hohe ...
[Translate to en:] ... Wasserrinnen- Tour geklettert!
[Translate to en:] Standplatzbau am Hängestand

Twist your body technic - Crack climbing

[Translate to en:] Eindrehen ...
[Translate to en:] ...und Rissklettern ...
[Translate to en:] ... vom Feinsten

Abseiling - Flying Fox - Climbing fun

[Translate to en:] Beim Abseilen, abstoßen von der Wand
[Translate to en:] Der " normale" Weg auf die andere Bachseite
[Translate to en:] 2 glückliche kraxel Dudes


Peter, Ronja, Birgit, Joe


If you are searching for your ultimate adventure in the Ziller Valley, that' what we here for. With ROCKnSNOW you are guaranteed to experience your Outdoor Highlight.

We are delighted you allow us to share with you your special experiences.

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Snow depth measurement at the left picture border

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